It’s been freakishly quiet.

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Yes. The only people louder than you here are the twins.


I’m just so glad you’re here again!

It’s great to be back.

It’s been freakishly quiet.

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I just got back from a mission away—-How’s the tower been? Busy as ever?


Hey there good looking.

Grey. I think I owed you dinner, didn’t I?

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It’s been freakishly quiet.

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Oh my god! Steve you’re back!image

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. Probably because you’ve not been here.

I’m that noisy, huh? Apologies, I’ll have to work on that! It’s good to be back.

It’s been freakishly quiet.

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What is everyone planning? A surprise or something?

I just got back from a mission away—-How’s the tower been? Busy as ever?

TMI Tuesday

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Grey held very still as Steve held up a finger and continued with the preparation of their food. Well, he wasn’t getting punched. That was a good sign, right? He waited until Steve spoke up and answered first with a little nod. When he found his voice again, Grey said, “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Part of him, a reckless part that had no concern for the potential of getting punched by an offended super soldier, wanted to start flirting, to offer to show him a lot more than just kissing, to kiss him again. His sense of self preservation won out, however, leading Grey to take the honest route instead of the sarcastic.

“You did suggest doing whatever made me happy, taking the risk, right?” he asked, a confident smile curving his lips.

Steve’s owlish blinking paused as soon as his mind rattled to keep up and process what had happened. He couldn’t deny that he had indeed suggested the thought to Grey, but perhaps without realizing just what that would entail. He turned back to the food and shut off the stove, separating the meal into two plates before he simply handed the chicken plate off to the man standing before him.

"I guess I did, didn’t I…" he replied distractedly, sitting slowly down in one of the counter’s tall stool chairs, before his brow furrowed in and he stared up uselessly at Grey again.

"You KISSED me. A man. Without a care in the world." Steve repeated, his hand gestured as he rested it against the counter. "If this is another turn of the century thing, I apologize, but I need some catching up."


Grey wasn’t sure if it was Steve’s advice which despite being pretty damn inspiring still sounded so sincere, so real or if it was the after effects of seeing the soldier in the shower, but as Steve suggested he take the risk, do the things he really wanted without regrets, all he could think of was how much he wanted to take just that risk on Steve. Swallowing back the lump in his throat and steeling his nerves, Grey nodded and replied, “I think you’re right. Never know if you don’t try, right?”

As Steve continued to make their meal, Grey stepped in closer, trying not to lose the nerve and reached in to touch Steve’s cheek. Pulling just enough to tilt Steve’s head to face him. Grey’s green eyes were almost glowing, toxic as they focused on his clear blue ones. He licked his lips and without another thought leaned in and pressed them to the soldier’s, warm and firm. Though he didn’t pull away for a very long moment, he kept the kiss chaste, not pushing his luck too much. After all, if he’d completely called this wrong, getting decked by a super soldier could well be the consequence. Though, he mused as he let himself enjoy the warm press of Steve’s lips, it would totally have been worth it.

When he finally did pull away, Grey opened his eyes to seek out Steve’s once again, questioning. 

"Exactly," Steve agreed, and cleaned off the long cutting knife with a towel to set aside. Just as his fingers dropped it, he felt his chin and cheek being pulled gently to the side; maybe he’d had something on his face all along. But then Bruce—Grey’s lips were pressed hard against his, and gone in a loud smack. The sound left him frozen in his place, a stand-still over vegetables and a warming pan behind him. 

Had that….what?

The soldier straightened out some and carried the food over to the pan, slid it in with a fork to sizzle out and begin browning, before he placed the empty plate back on the counter and paused, a single finger held out for a moment.

"You just….kissed me, right?" 

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Anonymous said: What are some of those fantasy, Cap? ;]

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Anonymous said: May I please give you a blowjob?



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